Welcome to Trans-national Im/mobility 301



This blog site is dedicated to the politico-historical sociology of the mobility and immobility of people in the globalized period.  The blogs introduce key issues in the sociological study of migration, including migration, agency, and constraint, gender and migration, migration and inequality, migration, religion, ethnicity, nationality and “race”.

Migration occurs on a continuum ranging from unfreedom through to freedom, with migrants and non-migrants experiencing different degrees of security or precarity and different degrees of enablement or constraint.  We will examine the stratification of migration and the role of migrants, states, social, economic, political and cultural contexts.

The blogs examine these issues of global (im)mobility in terms of:

  • gender and migration
  • elite, professional, and investment mobility
  • asylum seeker and refugee migration
  • migration networks and diasporas
  • “human trafficking” and “people smuggling”
  • Indigeneity and mobility rights
  • racism, multiculturalism, and xenophobia
  • segregation and integration
  • global risks, local interests, and international rights
  • comparative international contexts (Europe, U.S. China, India)
  • the criminalization of migration
  • people displacement, migration, and environment
  • people displacement, immobility, and inequality
  • sociological theories of global migration and immobility

Each blog will provide information and resource suggestions relating to the Global Migration lectures.

Author: shabbycheek

Lecturer and researcher in intersectional cultural studies, historical sociology, American and migration studies. Working in China on America, British, Australian and Chinese social justice issues using Feminist materialist, post-Marxist (Gramscian), Critical Race Studies and post-colonial perspectives.

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